Rates and Fees:

Give us a call, text some pictures, or fill out our job request form, and we can help figure out an estimate. Costs can vary based on the difficulty of situation. Dump fees can vary from place to place, and some items require special disposal sites. If you save us time, effort, or money, those savings will pass on to you. Contact us to setup a free, on-site, or over the phone estimate. Satisfaction Guaranteed.

Wondering what goes into your Estimate?

  • Dump Fees
  • Fuel
  • Our time and labor
  • Wear and tear on equipment
  • Business Costs (i.e. tools, insurance, taxes)

What can come out of your Estimate:

  • Setting up a recurring job on a set schedule
  • Save on labor by making it quicker and easier for us to load
  • Scrap and Salvage, anything that we can keep out of the dump