Removal Rates and Fees:

Here’s what google says the average cost for Junk Removal in California is.

If you save us time and money, those savings should pass on to you.

Our prices are always transparent and fair. Call to setup a free, on-site, no obligation estimate. Satisfaction Guaranteed.

A typical rate is $40 per hour for labor, and $100 per truck load. Prices can vary based on the situation.

Wondering what goes into your Estimate?

  • Dump Fees
  • Fuel
  • Our time and labor
  • Wear and tear on equipment
  • Business Costs (i.e. tools, insurance, taxes)

What can come out of your Estimate:

  • No Dump Fee for 100% Green Waste Loads
  • Bundling Services
  • Save on labor by making it quicker and easier for us to load
  • Scrap and Salvage

1 max load is a 5 ft (W) x 9.5 ft (L) x 5 ft (H) trailer, and a 5′ x 6.5′ x 3′ truck bed.

Green Waste and Landscaping

To accommodate the needs of property owners who need property cleanup AND some landscaping, Genuine Junk and Haul offers simple landscaping services like lawnmowing, hedge trimming, string trimming, and low tree branch removal.

Google Search Results For Lawn Mowing Prices in California

Lawnmowing, String Trimming, and other kinds of Green Waste Removal prices are also estimated by size and difficulty, but there are no Dump fees with loads that are 100% Green Waste.

Ask us about fire safety, and getting your home ready for fire season! Check out the Burney Basin Fire Safe Council Facebook Page for updates on the free green waste drop off site.